Vaisakhi 2014

Vaisakhi is the festival of the sikhs which is celebrated especially in the region of the punjab and also across the whole world where the sikh diaspora are present. Vaisakhi is also popularly known as the Baisakhi, this festival is celebrated as the new year with respect to the Nanakshahi calendar.Vaisakhi 2014 is celebrated on the 14 th of April 2014 on Monday, the holy festival which is celebrated with great devotion. Vaisakhi festival which falls on the April 13th every year but for once in the 36 years the Vaisakhi falls on the 14th of April. Vaisakhi celebrations takes place in Punjab at the talwandi sabo(Guru Gobind Singh lived there for a period of the nine(9) months ) and also at the Gurudwara(anandpur sahib) and Amritsar(Golden Temple). Hence this festival is celebrated not only in India but also in the United states, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Canada.